Using Photobucket to Post Pictures on the Forum

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Using Photobucket to Post Pictures on the Forum

Post by Katy on Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:16 pm

Photobucket is a useful site for storing your pictures. It allows you to copy the code that you need to paste into a post here to display them.

Photobucket can be useful for larger files, bulk uploads or pictures that you don't want in the gallery. It's a lot quicker to upload multiple pictures to photobucket than it is to forum galleries.

* Go to

* Log in

* Once you have logged in you will see your account name in the top blue bar

* Click on the green 'upload now' button in the centre of the blue bar.

* You should see:

* Click on the green 'select photos and videos'.

* A browse window will pop up. Navigate to the location on your computer where the picture files are located. You can select one file, or multiple files at once using Control/Click on each one, or a normal click on one end of a range and then Shift/click at the other end - selects all files within that range.

* Once you have the files highlighted that you want to upload, just click 'Upload'. They all upload at once. The speed of the upload will depend on your bandwidth. You will see a progress bar to display how far the process has come and how long to go. There is an option to cancel at this stage if you wish.

* When the upload is complete you will see this. You can scroll down and add any title or details you wish. It will default to the file name if you don't add anything else - much the same as our gallery will.

* When you scroll down on that page:

* Then you click 'Save & Continue to my Album'

* It will look something like this:

* Now this is where Photobucket is fantastic. To get the code you only have to hover your cursor over the top of a thumbnail. You get a variety of codes displayed. You just click once on the img code option (it's the bottom line) and it's automatically copied to your clipboard. You just paste that into your post and the img tags are already included. Too easy!

By keeping two windows open - one BYP window and one Photobucket window - you can move from one to the other copying and pasting the img codes for multiple pictures without have to reload any pages. It's easy on the bandwidth and easy on those with limited patience.

I hope that is easy to follow. If I've missed something, let me know.

I have chosen the option of automatically logging in whenever I go to Photobucket. It saves me having to remember my password.

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