A-Z Index of Health Topics both here and elsewhere

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A-Z Index of Health Topics both here and elsewhere

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Health Information

If you are looking for information about Medications and Withholding Periods click HERE

This is a list of some of the most common things that may happen with your birds. If you don't find the answer here, please post your question on the forum.

Acute Death Syndrome / Heart attack - Click here
Ammonia in droppings and effects on birds
Anatomy of the Chicken - Slideshow in Colour
Anatomy _ Digestive System of a chicken
Anatomy - respiratory system of a chicken
Anatomy pictures - internal and external - Click here
Angel Wing, duck, taping
Air Filled Chook
Ascites (Broiler) Information
Ascites - Click here
Aspergillosis Avian
Aspergillosis / Respiratory Distress - Click here
Avian Anatomy
Avian Influenza / Fowl Plague - Click here
Avian Medications


Bacterial Infection of the eyes - Click here
Bandaid splint for splay legs
Bandaging a Chicken - Click here
Basic First Aid Kit for Chickens and other birds - Click here
Bird Biosecurity
Blackhead > Histomoniasis, Enterohepatitis - Click here
Blindness - Click here
Bloody face and how to treat - Click here
Blue Comb / Coronaviral Enteritis / Mud Fever - Click here
Botulism / Avian Clostridial Infections
Broken beak - Click here
Broken leg and how to treat - Click here
Broken Wing
Bronchitis / IB - Click here
Broken Wing
Bumblefoot - Click here


Canker / Sour Crop / Treatment - Click here
Canker Trichomoniasis Roup
Cannibalism / hens pecking at each other - Click here
Cheesy mass from oviduct / funny dropping that looks like cheese - Click here
CRD - Chronic Respiratory Disease
Coccidiosis Vaccination
Coccidioisis in Chickens - Video

Comb / turning blue on tips - Click here
Common Poultry Diseases and their symptoms - Click here
Conjunctivitis / Also known as Pink eye - Click here
Constipation / Also known as Vent gleet - Click here
Coryza - Click here
Crockneck Limberneck
CRD / Chronic Respiratory Disease - Click here
Crop Feeding - Needle
Crop Surgery - do not do this unless you are very confident - Click here


Diapers used on Chickens (want an indoor pet, must have) - Click here
Diotamaceous Earth (DE)
Disease links -1- Click here
Disease links -4- Click here
Disease Symptoms that occur through the body of a chicken - Click here
Diseases Causing a change in droppings - Click here
Dog attack - mauled chicked
Dog Eating Chook Poo
Dosages - meds - some recommendations given on external site
Drawing Blood from a Chicken - Click here
Droppings - Diseases that cause a change in droppings - Click here
Ducks - Nutritional Requirements


E.coli - Click here
E.D.S. / Also known as Egg Drop Syndrome - Click here
Ear Mites - Click here
Egg Bound - Click here
Eggs - Odd
Eggs - Weird Eggs (BrownEggBlueEgg site)
External symptoms you can use to detect if a bird is sick - Click here
Eyes / Irritated or swollen eyes / treatment - Click here
E.Y.P. / Egg Yolk Peritonitis - Click here


Feather loss and causes
Feather pecking - NellyG's bird helped with a beak bit
Feed and Nutrition information in pdfs at Uni of Minnessta
Feed ingredients
Fowl Pox
Frostbite - Click here


Gumboro Disease - Click here


Heat Stress
Heat Stress - Prevention and Treatment
Heat stress - some research on reducing through nutrition for broilers - pdf
Heat stress - some research on laying hens and heat stress - pdf
Hock burn - Click here
How long after giving antibiotics can I/you eat the eggs - Click here


IBD / Infectious Bursal Disease / Gumboro Disease - Click here
Immune System information - Click here
Incubation Troubleshooting
Infected Laying organs - Click here
Infectious Coryza - Click here
Infectious Laryngotrachietis or ILT
Infectious Stunting Syndrome / Pale Bird Syndrome / Vit. A Deficiency - Click here
Injections - how to give them - Click here
Injections & Venipuncture sites - Click here
Internal Laying > EYP - Click here


Joint and Respiratory Disease - Click here


Kitchen Scraps - Click here


Laying an Egg
Lice - BYP Thread
Lice & Mites - Click here
Lite & Mites
Lice & Mites - Spray
Lymphoid Leukosis - Click here
Lymphoid Leukois Sarkoma Group


Marek's Disease
Medications - "Medications / Most commonly used"
Medications - "Medication information / Vet from Australia"

Misshapen eggs

Moulting and Feather Loss Causes

Moxidectin - information and dosage guide
Moxidectin / Worm & Parasite medication

Mycoplasma / CRD / Infectious Synovitis / Air-Sac Disease / Sinusitis - Click here


Neck problems - Crookneck
Neck - Crookneck info Brown Egg Blue Egg Site Click here, then scroll down and click on Crookneck in left menu
Neck problems Silkies - Skull info - Click here, then click on silky skull on left menu
Necropsy / Postmortems - Click here
Necropsy - Basics - pdf file from ohio
Necropsy with videos
Necrotic Enteritis / Avian Clostridial Infections - Click here
NewCastle Disease - Click here


Omphalitis / Avian Clostridial Infections - Click here
Organs / post mortem / chicken / dissection / Cornell's Avian Atlas link
Orthopedics for Poultry - Leg Problem Fixes
Overcrowding your flock and the damage it can do - Click here


Pale Bird Syndrome / Vitamin A Deficiency - Click here
Paramyxovirus - Pigeon Virus - Australian/Victorian Outbreak

Pasted Vent / Dirty Pants - Click here
Pendulous Crop
Penguin stand and Bwarking - Click here
Permethrin Spray Rates
Pink Eye - Conjunctivitis - Click here
Poisoning - steps to take - Click here
Post Mortem on Polish
Post Mortem (Necropsy) instructions
Post mortem / organs / chicken / dissection / Cornell's Avian Atlas link
Pox - Avian - Fowl
Pox (Dry and Wet versions) - Click here
Prolapse - Click here
Prolapsed Cloaca



Reproductive System - Chicken
Respiratory infection / Here's what to do - Click here
Riboflavin Deficiency / Vitamin B2 / Curly Toe Paralysis - Click here

Ringworm - Click here


Salt poisoning - Click here
Scaly leg mite-1- Click here
Seizures - Avianweb
Selenium deficiency, skin condition
Shell-less eggs
Slaughter of birds - CSIRO pdf including guide for disposition of birds with diseases and conditions - go to page 52
Sour Crop caused by Canker - Click here
Sour Crop / Impacted Crop / Pendulous Crop - Click here
Spraddle Legs - Fixes
Straddled legs / chicks doing the spits - Click here
Stunting Syndrome - Click here
Supplements - Trace Minerals


Tapeworm - Click here
Trace Mineral Supplements
Trichomoniasis, Roup, Canker
Tumors - Click here
Twisted Toe / Toes are bent, distorted or deformed - Click here

U & V

Vaccinating for Marek's Disease
Vaulted skull - silky. Click here, then scroll down and click on silky skull on the left menu
Vets by State
Vets - local directory/search
Vitamins for Poultry
Vitamin A deficiency - Click here
Vitamin D deficiency - Click here
Vitamin E deficiency - Click here
Vitamin K deficiency - Click here


Watery Whites in eggs
Wing wounds - Click here
Worms / intestinal general information - Click here
Worms / round worms and hair worms - Click here
Worms - poultry worming - pics

X, Y & Z

Yolk sac infection - Click here

If you have any suggestions for additions to the Health Sticky, please contact me with them.

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